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Things To Worry About:
Corporations vs. America
Movies on the Subject

actor Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" feature film [1987]

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Selected Movies
{ in chronological order }

The films coded here tend toward the documentary style, about the shenanigans of corporations in the marketplace;
the dramatic films about corporations - internal intrigue, office romances, high-rise comedies - will be found
on Magic Lantern's Rat Race Film Festival Page

"Patterns" [United Artists March 1956]
Rod Serling's Patterns  Serling's forceful study of ruthless greed & abuse of power in corporate America.
Directed by Fielder Cook; written by Rod Serling; starring Van Heflin, Everett
Sloane, Ed Begley, Beatrice Straight & Andrew Duggan
ROAN b&w DVD [4/2005] out of prodn/used
V.C.I./United b&w VHS [7/98] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb

"The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit" feature film [Fox April 1956]
Man In The Gray Flannel Suit movie  Adapted & directed by Nunnally Johnson, from the 1955 novel; music by Bernard Hermann; starring Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones, Fredric March, Marisa Pavan, Lee J. Cobb, Ann Harding, Keenan Wynn, Gene Lockhart, Gigi Perreau & Portland Mason
Fox widescreen color DVD [8/2005] for $10.99
Fox color VHS [10/97] for $18.98
Bernard Hermann soundtrack CD [9/99] for $17.98
full credits at IMDb
Man In The Gray Flannel Suit novel  "The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit" [1955 classic]
by Sloan Wilson [1920-2003]

A World War II veteran takes a temporary job at a New York City television network
for the increase in pay, but he is soon miserable.

Four Walls Eight Windows 8¼x5½ pb [9/2002] for $11.58
Buccaneer Books hardcover [12/91] out of print/used
"The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit II" [1984 sequel]
Arbor House hardcover [3/84] out of print/used

"Network"  [M.G.M. Nov 1976]
Network 1976 movie poster  An aging network news anchor is fired, and his on-air tirade – "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" – causes a sensation among his viewers, so he is rehired and given his own show.Directed by Sidney Lumet; written by Paddy Chayefsky; starring Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Robert Duvall & Ned Beatty; won Oscars for Best Script, Best Actor [Finch], Best Actress [FD], Best Supporting Actress [BS], nominated for Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Actor [WH], Best Supporting Actor [NB], Best Cinematography, Best Editing; won BAFTA for Best Actor [Finch], nominated for 8 more; won W.G.A. Award for Best Original Script
Warner widescreen color DVD [2/2006] 2 disks for $23.99
M.G.M. color VHS [5/96] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
novelization by Sam Hedrin
Penguin movie tie-in mass pb [11/76] out of print/used

"Mad As Hell: The Making of Network and The Fateful Vision of The Angriest Man In Movies" [Holt]
by Dave Itzkoff 9780805095692

"Controlling Interest: The World of The Multinational Corporation"
[1978] docu /tt0252342/

"Wall Street" [Fox Dec 1987]
Wall Street movie by Oliver Stone, starring Michael Douglas & Charlie Sheen  Bud Fox, a young and very ambitious stock trader, courts the powerful stock speculator Gordon Gekko, who takes the boy under his wing. Bud becomes immersed in the fast life, the big time, but soon is asked to take actions that even he finds offensive. Co-written & directed by ; co-written by Stanley Weiser; starring Michael Douglas {won Oscar & David di Donatello Best Actor awards}, Charlie Sheen, Hal Holbrook, Martin Sheen, Terence Stamp, Sean Young, Daryl Hannah, James Spader, Saul Rubinek & Sylvia Miles;
Fox widescreen color Blu-ray [2/2008] for $13.99
Fox widescreen color DVD [9/2007] 2 disks for $9.49
Fox color VHS [1/96] out of prodn/many, many used
Varese Sarabande soundtrack CD [10/93] out of prodn/used {with "Talk Radio" [1988]}
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

"Barbarians At The Gate" TV movie [Rastar/HBO 1993]
starring James Garner /tt0106356/

"The Ad and The Ego" docufilm [Parallax Pictures 1997]
The Ad and The Ego 1997 docufilm  A very engaging exploration of how advertising once appealed to the rational mind, but now targets the subconscious, guiding our behavior based on corporate concerns. Co-produced & directed by Harold Boihem; featuring Stuart Ewen, Jean Kilbourne, Sut JhalIy, Bernard McGrane, Richard Pollay & Herbert Chao Gunther; music by band Negativland
purchase DVD & exhibition license from producer's website
California Newsreel color/b&w VHS [1997] out of prodn/scarce
full credits at IMDb • official movie site

"The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron"
[C.B.S.-TV documentary Jan 2003]
color logo of Enron, Inc.  An ambitious 29-year-old gets a job at rising energy company Enron, and assimilates into the get-rich-quick corporate culture. When the company collapses in bankruptcy in December 2001, he finds that he and millions of others lose everything – while the execs pocket billions of dollars. Co-produced by Robert Greenwald; directed by Penelope Spheeris; teleplay by Stephen Mazur, based on the book "Anatomy of Greed" by Brian Cruver; starring Christian Kane, Brian Dennehey, Mike Farrell, Shannon Elizabeth & Jon Ted Wynne
Echo Bridge Home Ent. widescreen color DVD [12/2007] for $6.70
full credits from IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
more on the The Enron Scandal at Working Minds / Corporations vs. America Page

"The Corporation" documentary feature [Jan 2004]
Corporation movie  Co-directed by Jennifer Abbott & Mark Achbar; co-written by Harold Crooks from
Joel Bakan's book; interviewees include Noam Chomsky, Peter Drucker, Milton
Freidman, Ray Anderson & Michael Moore
Zeitgeist color DVD [4/2005] 2 disks for $20.99
full credits from IMDb • official movie website
The Corporation  "The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit & Power" [2004]
by Joel Bakan

Free Press 8½x5½ pb [3/2005] for $11.20
Free Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [3/2004] for $17.00

"Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price"
[Brave New Films Nov 2005]
Wal-Mart / High Cost of Low Price  Co-produced & directed by Robert Greenwald
Disinformation color DVD [11/2005] for $12.95
full credits from IMDb • official movie site
based on the 2005 book by Greg Spotts,
Introduction by Robert Greenwald

Disinformation 8x5 pb [11/2005] for $9.95
more on Spirit of America Bookstore's Wal-Mart, Inc. Page

"In Debt We Trust" documentary feature [Globalvision 2006]
In Debt We Trust documentary feature  Co-produced, written & directed by Danny Schechter
Disinformation color DVD [4/2007] for $14.99
full credits from IMDb • official movie site

"Indies Under Fire: The Battle For The American Bookstore"
documentary feature [Filmakers Library 2006]
Indies Under Fire documentary  The arrival of chain mega-bookstores threatens long-established
locally-owned independent booksellers in the California towns
of Capitola, Palo Alto & Santa Cruz.

Co-produced, directed, filmed & edited by Jacob Bricca
Victory Audio/Video color DVD [5/2007] for $22.99
full credits at IMDb • official website

"Who Killed The Electric Car?"
documentary feature [Sony Classics June 2006]
Who Killed the Electric Car? documentary  Written & directed by Chris Paine
A complete history of the EV1 vehicle from General Motors [1996-99] – R.I.P.!
Sony color DVD [11/2006] for $11.99
full credits at IMDb • Sony official moviesite
EV1 entry at Wikipedia

"Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit & The Era of Predatory Lenders"
documentary feature [Trueworks March 2007]
Maxed Out / Hard Times / Easy Credit  Co-produced, written & directed by James D. Scurlock
Magnolia widescreen color DVD [6/2007] for $17.99
full credits from IMDb • official movie site {Flash only}
Scribner 8¼x5½ pb [12/2007] for $11.20
Scribner 9¼x6¼ hardcover [3/2007] for $18.00

"Sicko" documentary  [Dog Eat Dog/Weinstein June 2007]
poster of Michael Moore's Sicko movie  Moore compares the failed American health care system with that of Canada & Cuba. Official tagline: "A comedy about 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on earth."
Co-produced, written & directed by and starring Michael Moore; won ACE & PGA Awards, nominated for WGA Award & for Best Documentary Feature Oscar
Weinstein Company color DVD [11/2007] for $19.99
full credits from IMDb • official movie site

"Flash of Genius" [Universal Pictures Oct 2008]
Flash of Genius feature film by Marc Abraham  "Based on the true story" 2-hour docudrama about one man's successful fight against Detroit automakers Ford and Chrysler for the rights to his invention, the intermittent windshield wiper
Directed by Marc Abraham; written by Philip Railsback, based on an article by John Seabrook; starring Greg Kinnear, Dermot Mulroney, Lauren Graham, Alan Alda & Bill Smitrovich
Universal Studios widescreen color DVD [2/2009] for $8.59
Universal Studios color DVD [2/2009] for $5.95
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia • Robert Kearns [1927-2005] entry at Wikipedia

"Flow: How Did A Handful of Corporations Steal Our Water?"
documentary feature [Oscilloscope Pictures Sept 2008]
Flow, For Love of Water documentary film by Irena Salina  Filmmaker Salina realized that although there is a wide range of water problems spread
all across the globe, they are all connected, and it's important to look at the big picture.

93-minute color documentary film directed by Irena Salina; featuring author Maude Barlow,
Bolivian activist Oscar Olivera, Penn & Teller, T. Boone Pickens, and many others
Oscilloscope widescreen color DVD [12/2008] for $23.49
full credits at IMDb • official movie site

"Food, Inc." documentary feature
[Participant Media / Magnolia June 2009]
"Food, Inc." documentary film  A handful of multinational corporations control the global food production business, with an emphasis on delivering 'fast food' at great profit and with little regard for nutrition or food safety or the environment. Co-produced, co-written & directed by Robert Kenner; co-produced & co-written by Elise Pearlstein; featuring Gary Hirshberg, Barbara Kowalyck, Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin & Eric Schlosser: Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature Film
Magnolia Home Ent. widescreen clor Blu-ray [11/2009] for $13.99
Magnolia Home Ent. widescreen color DVD [11/2009] for $8.59
Magnolia Home Ent. widescreen color DVD [11/2009] for $8.30
full credits at IMDb • official movie site • watch official trailer at IMDb
Food, Inc. Participant Media Guide book edited by Karl Weber  
"Food Inc.: How Industrial Food Is Making Us Sicker, Fatter, and Poorer - and What You Can Do About It" [2009]
Edited by Karl Weber

PublicAffairs 9x6 pb [5/2009] for $9.96

"Capitalism: A Love Story"
[Dog Eat Dog/Weinstein Oct 2009]
Capitalism, A Love Story documentary by Michael Moore  Back in 2008, Michael Moore described his next film as being about 'the wonders of capitalism'. However, fate provided him with the 'G.O.P. Meltdown', the still-rolling collapse of the U.S. and worldwide economy. The American Dream is looking like a nightmare for more and more ordinary people whose lives have been turned upside down, as families pay the price each day with their jobs, their homes and their savings – the disastrous impact of unregulated corporate dominance and scared politicians seeking re-election over mystified & angry citizens across America. Co-produced, written & directed by & starring Michael Moore; interviewees include Cong. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, Cong. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, Wallace Shawn & Elizabeth Warren, with archive footage of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan & Franklin Delano Roosevelt; won 2 awards at the Venice Film Festival
Starz / Anchor Bay widescreen color Blu-ray [3/2010] for $24.99
Starz / Anchor Bay widescreen color DVD [3/2010] for $17.99
full credits from IMDb • official movie site

"Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" [Fox Sept 2010]
Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps movie poster  A young Wall Street trader teams up with disgraced former Wall Street corporate raider Gordon Gekko on a two-tiered mission: To alert the financial community to the coming financial doom, and to bring to justice the person responsible for the suicide of the young trader's mentor. Co-produced by Edward R. Pressman, Oliver Stone & Michael Douglas; directed by Oliver Stone; starring Shia LaBeouf, Michael Douglas, Carey Mulligan, Susan Sarandon, Charlie Sheen, Josh Brolin, Frank Langella & Sylvia Miles, cameo by Nouriel Roubini
Fox widescreen color Blu-ray [12/2010] for $22.99
Fox widescreen color DVD [12/2010] 2 disks for $15.99
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
'G.O.P. Meltdown' Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

"Hot Coffee" documentary film [H.B.O. June 2011]
"Hot Coffee" documentary film re tort reform  The right-wing media are all a-dither about the 79-year-old woman who sued McDonald's after spilling very hot coffee on herself in 1992, as an example of frivolous lawsuits by greedy plaintiffs and unscrupulous lawyers. But what really happened, in and out of court? Directed by Susan Saladoff; featuring Joan Claybrook, Oliver Diaz, Joanne Doroshow, Al Franken & John Grisham
Docurama color DVD [11/2011] for $21.99
full credits at IMDb • official movie site

"Revenge of The Electric Car"
documentary film [indep Oct 2011]
Revenge of the Electric Car docufilm directed by Chris Paine  Behind-the-scenes look at Nissan and General Motors and Tesla Motors, and the resurgence of electric car manufacture. Co-written & directed by Chris Paine; narrated by Tim Robbins; featuring Danny DeVito, Jon Favreau, Stephen Colbert, Arnold Schwarzenegger, G.M. exec Bob Lutz, Tesla Motors ceo Elon Musk, Nissan exec Carlos Ghosn, and mechanical wizard Greg 'Gadget' Abbott
Docurama color DVD [1/2012] for $14.50
full credits at IMDb • official movie site

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