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Things To Worry About:
Earth's Biosphere

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Natural Farming Dept.

Pipelines & Fracking Dept.

Dakota Access Pipeline

Mountaintop Removal Mining

Water Dept.

Eco-News Dept.

"To paraphrase the Christian Bible (Matthew 16): For what is a man profited if he shall make beaucoup bucks
while transforming the planet into a cesspool."  — G.E. Nordell


       "We are the only species able to change the natural world, so we must be stewards of the world."
       — primatologist Jane Goodall

       "If you've seen one redwood tree, you've seen them all."
       — Ronald Reagan [1911-2004]

       "Treat the earth kindly, my friends, and it will give you comfort, security, and all [that] a man may need. If you plant a flake of gold in the earth, will anything come of it? But plant a seed and it will repay you many times over."
       — Louis L'Amour [in "The Comstock"]

       "Science has proven the existence of global warming. So our position is like the moment in the old tales when you smell the dragon. The only question is which way to run – run or die!
       Mankind must reverse global warming or die."
       — G.E. Nordell

The word 'scientist' was coined in 1834, and the word 'ecology' in 1866.

American Forests [est. 1875]
       Save The Redwoods League [est. 1918]       
SafeClimate        Grist: A Beacon In The Smog weblog [est. 1999]
Eco Timber flooring [est. 1992]
       Lester Brown's Earth Policy Institute [est. 2001] based in Washington, DC

Center for EcoLiteracy [est.1995]        Arbor Day - Plant a tree!        Earthweek: A Diary of The Planet - ecological news site 
    [est. 1988]

envirofinder search engine
U.S. Forest Circus {satirical website}
Clean Beaches Coalition [est. 1998]
Basel Action Network - against 'Toxic Trade'
W.W.F. Intl. Conference on Climate Change [Nov-Dec 2005] in Montreal, PQ Canada
'The Bush Record on the Environment' at N.R.D.C.
"An Evangelical Declaration On The Care of Creation"
EarthJustice: because the earth needs a good lawyer [est. 1971]
The Grantham Prize: Honoring Exceptional Environmental Journalism
EarthShare, based in Bethesda, MD
Friends of The Earth USA [est. 1969] offices in DC & CA
Friends of The Earth Intl. [est. 1971] is based in The Netherlands
Center for Biological Diversity [est. 1989] is based in Tucson, Arizona
Blacksmith Institute anti-pollution solutions [est. 1999] based in New York City
African American Environmentalist Association [est. 1985] of Washington, DC
Environmental Defense Fund [est. 1967] based in New York City & Washington, DC
State of California Climate Change Portal
CELDF: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund [est. 1995] based in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
SkyTruth {based in West Virginia}

Sierra Club - Rio Grande Chapter [] based in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Southwest Research and Information Center environmental protection group [est. 1971] is based in Albuquerque, NM

Environment News Service [est. 1990]

Action Network Environmental Defense

League of Conservation Voters [est. 1969] headquartered in Washington, DC

Climate Central [est. 2008] website

The U.S. Census Bureau no longer provides a real-time population clock (2010).
display of today's U.S. population estimate
display of today's world population estimate

Selected Books on the Subject of the Earth's Biosphere

Selected Movies on the Subject of the Earth's Biosphere

WMail Essay #28 [October 2002] "Waste Not, Want Not"
WMail Essay #60 [June 2006] "Climate & Politics"
WMail Essay #66 [December 2006] "Cooling The Planet"
Working Minds Essay #104 [May 2013] "No Water For You"
Working Minds Essay #108 [July 2015] "Civilization Is Imploding"

fresh local produce
Natural Farming Dept.
“Food is an important part of a balanced diet.” ~~ Fran Lebowitz

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds [est. 1998] in Mansfield, Missouri
Seeds of Change [est. 1989] 100% certified organic seeds, based in Southern California
BLACK STAR: very negative business reputation - delays, excuses, dead plants, nasty customer service workers  Farmer Seed & Nursery {div of Plantron, Inc.} in Minnesota :: negative business reputation
Organic Farming Works website [est. 2008] based in Minnesota
Organic Farming Works - Resources Page
NEON: The Northeast Organic Network [est. 2001] based at Cornell University
Center for Rural Affairs [est. 1973] based in Lyons, Nebraska
F.F.A.: Future Farmers of America [est. 1928] based in Indianapolis, Indiana
F.F.A. New Century Farmer Conference [July 2013] in Des Moines, Iowa
Intermountain Farmers Assn. [est. 1923] owns 24 stores in Utah, CO, NV, Idaho & NM
New Mexico Organic Farming Conference [Feb 2014 = #?] in Albuquerque, NM
Bee Culture: The Magazine of American Beekeeping [est. 1873]
National Honey Board [est. 2008] based in Firestone, Colorado
Friends of The Earth USA / Bee Bold Project

Richard 'Bug Man' Fagerlund of Veguita, New Mexico
'Ask The Bugman' websiteBugman's Bug Club [new 2013]Richard Fagerlund Page at Amazon

Mohamed Hijri "A simple solution to the coming phosphorus crisis" March 2012 TED Talk [in French w/English subtitles; 13:41]

American Tractors & Farm Equipment Page
at Spirit of America Bookstore

Working Minds / Movies About Health / Farming & Food Safety Dept.

Working Minds / Books About Health / Farming & Food Safety Dept.


Penton Media, Inc. [est. 1892] publishes a multitude of trade magazines, including these five (which are geared toward real farmers only).
Western Farm Press {AZ, CA}   •    Southwest Farm Press {KS, NM, OK, TX}   •    Delta Farm Press {AR, LA, MS, MO}
Southeast Farm Press {AL to WV}   •    Western Farmer-Stockman {CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY}

National Farmers Magazine [est. 1877] of the National Farmers Organization, based in Ames, Iowa
National Farmers

print is available with membership, digital issues available online

publisher N.F.O. website
N.F.O. entry at Wikipedia

1944 cover of combined Farm Journal Magazine and Farmer's Wife magazine
Farm Journal
Magazine [est. 1877]

subscribe at Amazon
12 issues/year for $26.95

magazine website

Organic Farming Magazine [] subscription
Organic Farming

subscribe at Amazon
3 issues/year for $45.72

U.K. magazine website

Modern Farmer Magazine [est. 2013] subscription
Modern Farmer

international farming news

subscribe at Amazon
4 issues/year for $29.97

Modern Farmer Media website

Successful Farming Magazine [] subscription
Successful Farming

subscribe directly
13 issues/year for $15.95

magazine website

Farm and Ranch Living Magazine
Farm & Ranch Living
Magazine [est. 1978]

subscribe at Amazon
7 issues/year for $17.98

magazine website


Genetically-Modified Organisms {G.M.O. food products} are the opposite of natural farming practices
The The Monsanto Company, Inc [est. 1901] is the biggest purveyor of G.M.O. foods and other G.M.O. products, so Monsanto is the focus of the anti-G.M.O. movement.
The first requirement is for American food packaging to display G.M.O. ingredients, followed by federal laws to regulate testing and environmental protection.

BLACK STAR: supposedly formed as a rebuttal to the documentary film "Food, Inc." backers include cattlemen, pork farmers, corn growers, Dupont, and Monsanto  'Food Dialogues' propaganda campaign of U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance [est. 2011] {partly funded by Monsanto}

March Against Monsanto [May & October 2016] in over 400 cities in over 50 countries


logo for the National Farmers Union [est. 1902] - 'United To Grow Family Agriculture'
National Farmers Union [est. 1902] based in Washington, DC
official websiteWikipedia

Oregon Farmers Union [est. 1906]
Utah Farmers Union [] based in Lehi, Utah

Kansas Farmers Union [] branch of the National Farmers Union [est. 1902]            Nebraska Farmers Union [] branch of the National Farmers Union [est. 1902]            American Farmers & Ranchers Insurance of Oklahoma [est. 1906] branch of the National Farmers Union [est. 1902]            South Dakota Farmers Union [est. 1914] branch of the National Farmers Union [est. 1902]            Texas Farmers Union [est. 1914] branch  of the National Farmers Union [est. 1902]

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union serving New Mexico & Colorado & Wyoming [est. 1907] branch of the National Farmers Union [est. 1902]            Montana Farmers Union [est. 1916]  branch of the National Farmers Union [est. 1902]            North Dakota Farmers Union [est. 1927] branch of the National Farmers  Union [est. 1902]


American Farm Bureau Federation [est. 1919] based in Washington, DC
official websiteWikipedia
Idaho Farm Bureau Federation [] based in Pocatello, Idaho
Kansas Farm Bureau Federation [est. 1919] based in Manhattan, Kansas
North Dakota Farm Bureau [est. 1941] based in Fargo, North Dakota
Oregon Farm Bureau [est. 1919] based in Salem, Oregon
South Dakota Farm Bureau Federation [est. 1917] based in Huron, South Dakots
Texas Farm Bureau Federation [est. 1933] based in Waco, Texas
Utah Farm Bureau Federation [est. 1916] based in Sandy, Utah
Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation [est. 1920] based in Laramie, Wyoming

Oil Pipelines & Hydraulic Fracturing Dept.

Working Minds / Worry About / Hydraulic Fracturing Page
was split off in Spring 2014

Working Minds / Worry About / Pipeline Disasters Page
was split off in Spring 2015

Dakota Access Pipeline Dept.

D.A.P.L. Standing Rock September 2016 sunrise at protester camp         D.A.P.L. Standing Rock September 2016 protesters chasing security trucks away         D.A.P.L. Standing Rock November 2016 protesters confront security Humvees         D.A.P.L. Standing Rock December 2016 winter at protesters camp
D.A.P.L. Standing Rock February 2017 protesters camp set on fire         D.A.P.L. Standing Rock February 2017 protesters facing riot police

  • 2017 June 14: U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in Washington ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider its environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline, saying that the Army Corps did not adequately consider the effects of a possible oil spill on the fishing and hunting rights of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe; this opened up the possibility that the pipeline could be shut down at a later date.

    Mountaintop Removal Mining Dept.
    U.S. Dept. of The Interior / Office of Surface Mining Reclamation & Enforcement
    Sierra Club 'Dirty Coal' pages
    West Virginia Highlands Conservancy [est. 1967]
    Natural Resources Defense Council [est. 1970] Mountaintop Removal Mining Dept.
    Appalachian Mountain Advocates [est. 2002] based in Lewisburg, WV
    Coal River Mountain Watch [est. 2002] based in Naoma, WV
    'i Love Mountains' coalition website [est. 2006] based in Boone, NC
    Alliance for Appalachia [est. 2008]
    Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards [est. 2009] based in Big Stone Gap, Virginia

    Water Dept.
    nifty tools to measure garden hose output
    Freeflo: A Global Water Network [est. 2008]
    Waterwise home & office water distillation systems
    Affordable Water Co. [est. 1956] in Dayton, Ohio
    Water Quality Assn. based in Illinois
    Oceana Foundation: Protecting The World's Oceans [est. 2001]
    Save Our Groundwater [est. 2001] based in New Hampshire
    Sweetwater Alliance [est. 2002] based in Duluth, Minnesota
    Amigos Bravos - Friends of the Wild Rivers - Because Water Matters [est. 1988] based in Taos, NM

    Clean Water Network [est. 1992] is based in Washington, DC
    Florida Clean Water Network [est. 1994] in Navarre, Florida

    Selected Books on The Water Crisis

    suggested by a young 4-H member  filtered water bottles info at The Water Page U.K. website

    Brita Bottle Water Filtration System  Brita™ Bottle Water Filtration System
    single 24-ounce bottle with filter (blue or violet) for $8.50
    twin-pack 24-ounce bottles (two color choices) for $14.99
    3-pack 20-ounce bottles & 6 filters (2 blue, 1 green) for $22.42
    two replacement filters for $6.88
    Rubbermaid Filtration Personal Water Bottles  Rubbermaid™ Filtration Personal Water Bottle
    single 20-ounce bottle with filter (black, green or purple) for $9.99
    single 20-ounce bottle with filter (blue) for $9.99
    two replacement filters for $9.99
    Bobble Bottles Reusable Water Bottle  Bobble Bottles™ Reusable Water Bottle
    single 18.5-ounce bottle with filter (six color choices) for $9.47 to $14.90
    replacement filter (10 color choices) for $6.53 to $11.84

    February 2018 Amtrak Acela separation near Aberdeen, Maryland

    same-day news photo of the February 2018 Amtrak Acela separation near Aberdeen, Maryland

           February 6th, 2018: Two cars on Amtrak's Acela Express 2150 separated, which is described as a mechanical failure. The train was northbound from Washington, DC for New York and Boston at a speed of 125 mph; the incident took place 25 miles out, near Aberdeen, Maryland at around 6:40am Tuesday; no one was injured, the 52 passengers were transferred to another train by 7am.

    February 2018 Amtrak train derailment in South Carolina

    same-day news photo of the February 2018 train collision in South Carolina

           February 4th, 2018: No listing yet on Wikipedia. An Amtrak train traveling between New York and Miami collided with a C.S.X. freight train in Cayce (Lexington County), South Carolina at around 2:35 on Sunday morning, derailing the lead locomotive and several passenger cars. Eight crew members and approximately 139 passengers were on board, two crew members died, and 116 people were injured, with at least 70 injured taken to multiple local hospitals for treatment. About 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled and hazmat clean-up began immediately. The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the incident.

    January 2018 commuter train derailment in Washington, DC

    rescue & inspection workers examining derailed Metro train in January 2018

           January 15th, 2018: No listing yet on Wikipedia. A northbound Red Line commuter train carrying 63 people derailed just after 6:30 a.m. outside the Farragut North station in Washington, DC; passengers were walked away, no injuries, one passenger was taken to hospital for shortness of breath. Business was light due to the Martin Luther King holiday, and other traffic was slowed due to routing on a single track; major delays expected next day when commuters return to work.

    December 2017 passenger train derailment in Washington State

    aerial view of Amtrak derailment near DuPont, Washington in December 2017           view from the freeway of Amtrak derailment near DuPont, Washington in December 2017

           December 18th, 2017: On the first day of service on the new Amtrak bypass route south of Tacoma, Washington, high-speed Amtrak Train 501 carrying 78 passengers and five crew members derailed at 7:34am just south of the small city of DuPont; at least 77 people were hospitalized, and officials said multiple people on the train were killed (early reports were 3 confirmed deaths or maybe 6 killed). Railcars were left dangling from an overpass, several struck vehicles on Interstate 5 below; the trip recorder of the rear locomotive said that the train was going 80mph when it entered the 30mph zone that curves onto a bridge above the freeway; the forward engineer received head injuries, including both eyes swollen shut.

    August 2017 oil train derailment in Pennsylvania

    aerial view of burning C.S.X. tankcars & residential structures at Hyndman, Pennsylvania in August 2017

           August 2nd, 2017: Residents of the small town of Hyndman (pop. 800) in Bedford County near the Maryland border were awakened about 5 a.m. on Wednesday by the sound of C.S.X. tank cars derailing and crashing into each other. The freight train was transporting hazardous materials - mostly refined petroleum, but also liquid petroleum gas and molten sulfur - when at least 32 cars careened off the tracks, igniting fires in some rail cars and a garage and damaging other structures.
           Residents were soon ordered to evacuate, though some remained locked inside their homes. Officials arrived around Noon, but could do little because the fires were still burning. No injuries were reported.
           Amtrak suspended passenger train service between Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, providing buses to take travelers between the two stations.

    July 2017 break-off of iceberg the size of Delaware
    satellite view of Larsen A-68 iceberg which broke off in July 2017
    click to see
    illustration full size
           The Larsen A-68 iceberg broke off from the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica in July 2017, gradually extending the crack of separation over several weeks while scientists watched via satellite. The resulting iceberg was roughly the size of Delaware with an estimated size of 5,800 square kilometers in area and 113 miles in length, and is the second largest such iceberg in recent times.
           Such Antarctic icebergs typically break into smaller pieces and melt as they move north and east toward the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

    more info on Iceberg Larsen A-68 at Wikipedia

    March 2017 freight train derailment & spill in Iowa

    March 2017 freight train derailment & spill near Graettinger, Iowa

           March 10th, 2017: A Union Pacific Railroad freight train hauling ethanol derailed and burst into flames as it crossed a trestle bridge near Graettinger, Iowa on Friday; at least 27 of the 101 tank cars derailed. The fire burned until midday Sunday. An additional 1,600 gallons of ethanol spilled into Jack Creek (flowing leftward in photo) during cleanup operations.

    March 2017 freight train derailment & spill in Canada

    March 2017 freight train derailment & spill in Georgina, Ontario, Canada

           March 5th, 2017: Fourteen cars of a Canadian National freight train derailed in the town of Georgina, Ontario. C.N. Rail confirmed that the cars were hauling powdered copper concentrates, which they say are not an environmental or public safety hazard. Rail traffic was restored early the next morning.

    February 2017 Oroville Dam evacuation

    Oroville Dam February 9: damage to spillway          Oroville Dam February 12: further damage to spillway          Oroville Dam February 13: after use of the emergency spillway

           February 8th, 2017: Heavy rains over Northern California on Wednesday filled Oroville Lake to overflowing. By next day, workers at Oroville Dam had opened the spillway (to the left of the main dam) and discovered that it was damaged: a crater about one-third down had opened up, and was about 200 feet wide and thirty feet deep (see first photo). Officials hoped that using the spillway would lower the lake's content enough, but the damage grew worse - 500-feet wide and 45 feet deep (see second photo) - and threatened power lines. So the flow on the spillway was reduced early on February 11, forcing overflow to the auxiliary (emergency) spillway, which had never before been used. Fearing a possible 30-foot vertical breach of either spillway (causing 'uncontrolled flooding'), officials ordered evacuations in Butte, Sutter, and Yuba counties. As many as 200,000 residents were forced from low-lying homes and farms.
           Erosion on the dirt and rock hillside below the emergency spillway (see third photo) caused officials to change tactics and increase flow on the main spillway. After rain runoff subsided and lake content fell below the lip of the emergency spillway, officials examined the two spillways and deemed both safe for the time being. The mandatory evacuation order was lifted at Noon on Tuesday February 14. The crater in the main spillway and erosion below the emergency spillway are being filled with large rocks as a temporary solution.
           The earthen-fill Oroville Dam across the Feather River was completed in 1968 and is the tallest dam in the U.S.A.; it produces electricity and doles out water for agriculture; the main dam was not in danger during this episode. Local groups applied for upgrading the emergency spillway to concrete in 2005, but the $100M project was denied (Bush administration).
           What's next? Heavy rains are expected Wednesday February 15.

    November 2016 Great Smoky Mountains wildfires in Tennessee

    hillsides in flames at the Great Smoky Mountains wildfire in Tennessee in November 2016           flames over the hill from Dollywood's DreamMore Resort in Tennessee - November 2016

         The first fire began on November 23rd, apparently set by two teenage boys. High winds spread the fire rapidly thru the tinder-dry forest; by December 12th the fires had burned 10,000 acres (about 15 square miles) inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park and 6,000 acres outside the park; many towns including Gaitlinburg and Pigeon Forge were evacuated; Dolly Parton's Dollywood properties were threatened but suffered little damage. The wildfires claimed at least 14 lives and injured 134, while over 2,500 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

    June 2016 oil train derailment in Columbia River Gorge

    KGW-TV helicopter shot of smoke rising from the Union Pacific Railroad train derailment near Mosier, Oregon in June 2016           next-day aerial photograph of the Union Pacific Railroad train derailment near Mosier, Oregon in June 2016, provided by the Washington State Department of Ecology

         Shortly after 12-noon on Friday June Third, a Union Pacific Railroad train carrying crude oil derailed near the small town of Mosier, Oregon along the Columbia River Gorge. Sixteen railcars were off the tracks, and four were on fire. Much of the town was evacuated, twenty-three miles of the interstate were shut down, and alternate routes were soon choked with traffic.
         Little crude oil travelled through the gorge until 2012, when trains started transporting the commodity from the booming Bakken formation in North Dakota (made available by the new fracking processes) to a terminal near the coast. Since then, as much as sixty million gallons per week has moved down the rails on both sides of the Columbia River, sometimes on railroad trains more than a mile long.
         The interstate remained closed until late Friday night, and the flames weren’t fully extinguished until two o’clock in the morning. The Union Pacific Railroad agreed to halt its 'unit trains' carrying only crude oil, but did not extend the suspension to other freight trains. On Sunday evening, trains once again started rolling through town.
         On Monday afternoon, the town of Mosier swarmed with some two hundred workers from Union Pacific and the various state and federal agencies at work on the cleanup. Cleanup issues included a small spill of oil into the river, the removal of ten thousand gallons of oil from the town’s wastewater-treatment system, and the four burned railcars and 12 unburned rail cars.

    May 2016 wildfires in Alberta, Canada

    smoke rising from the wildfires in Alberta, Canada in May 2016

           Wildfires erupted near Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada on Sunday May First and within days included a dozen fires surrounding the city. Officials ordered evacuation of the city of 88,000; some 17,000 residents quickly fled, most went south, some went north, many are still making plans or awaiting evacuation by air transport. By Friday, the flames were said to have burned 210,000 acres (also described as 850 km² or 328 square miles); officials reported that 1,600 homes and other buildings were destroyed within Fort McMurray, but there have so far been no deaths or injuries. Alberta declared a state of emergency that included fire restrictions over the entire province.
           UPDATE: The Alberta fires were reversed by winds, and are now heading for oil camps north of Fort McMurray; the fires have already burned 1,350 square miles of forest land.
    W.T.O.P News Radio in Washington, DC
    Posted by Dennis Foley on 1 May 2016 at 9:30 am

    C.S.X. train derails in Northeast D.C., possible hazardous leak

         WASHINGTON, DC (WTOP) — A CSX freight train derailed near the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station Sunday morning leaving several cars overturned and a hazardous leak.
         Upwards of 10 cars derailed from a train bound for Hamlet, North Carolina, from Cumberland, Maryland, about 6:40 a.m., and emergency responders were working to contain a leak throughout the morning.
         “CSX operations and hazardous materials personnel are working with first responders on the derailment this morning in Washington D.C.,” CSX said in a statement released about 8:45 a.m. “The safety of the community, first responders, and CSX’s employees is our highest priority.”
         The company said one derailed car is leaking sodium hydroxide, used primarily “to produce various household products including paper, soap and detergents.”
         Rhode Island Avenue was still closed in both directions from 4th to 12th streets in Northeast as of 9:15 a.m.
         The Red Line’s Rhode Island Station is also closed. Metro said it would establish bus shuttle service between the NoMa and Brookland stations.

    railroad cars from a C.S.X. train that derailed in Northeast Washington, DC on 1 May 2016 - looking south toward the Capitol Building          railroad cars from a C.S.X. train that derailed in Northeast Washington, DC on 1 May 2016 - looking north

         CSX released the following statement at 8:45 a.m.:
                    At 6:40 a.m. on May 1, a C.S.X. train traveling from Cumberland, Md. to Hamlet, N.C. derailed approximately
               10 cars near 9thStreet and Rhode Island Ave. near the Rhode Island Ave. Metro station. The CSX train had three
               locomotives and 175 total cars, including 94 loaded cars carrying mixed freight, and 81 empties. One derailed
               car is leaking sodium hydroxide, which is used to produce various household products including paper, soap,
               and detergents. CSX is working with first responders to contain the released product.
                    [C.S.X. is] grateful for the swift response from Washington D.C. first responders and other agencies. C.S.X. is
               working closely with them on this incident.
                    No injuries have been reported. [C.S.X.] will provide updates when available.

    Working Minds / Worry About / Eco-News for 2013 to 2015
    was split off in Summer 2017

    Working Minds / Worry About / Eco-News for 2001 to 2005
    was split off in Spring 2015

    Selected Books on the Subject of the Earth's Biosphere

    Selected Movies on the Subject of the Earth's Biosphere


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